Opening of the exhibition „Windows to Nature“

A new exhibition was opened on the 10th of October 2018 in the reconstructed grainery with the topic – disappearing beauty of the Danube floodplains. The exhibition shows visitors of all ages the threatened nature of Danube floodplain habitats (river branches, wet meadows, gravel deposits, floodplain forests, wetlands and salt meadows), which has been a successful conservation target for BROZ more than 20 years. You may try out the interactive elements that will enable you to include almost all of your senses (seeing, hearing, smelling, touching) Visitors are welcome to discover the charm of less known, but rich Danube floodplains.

The exhibition is permanent,it is possible to visit the whole year around (by agreement with BROZ employees – tel. 0948 104 665).



Opening of the camping site in Veľký lél

Regional Association for Nature Conservation and Sustainable Development (BROZ) is today symbolically opening a camping site in Veľký Lél – Zlatná na Ostrove village. Camping and its infrastructure – sanitary facilities, showers and kitchen – have been built using grant program Danube Fund within the project „Closer to the Danube – camping Veľký Lél“

Danube Fund is an open non-profit platform for the development of public activities and public spaces in the surroundings of the Slovak part of Danube. The aim of Danube Fund is to search for the ways how to enable people to be in a closer contact with the river and create conditions for natural, easy and pleasant movement along the river.

The capacity of the fenced camping area is suitable for cca 100 people – 50 tents.

„It is the first facility of such type along the whole Slovak section of the Danube and so we hope it will be frequently used.“ said Tomáš Kušík, the chairman of BROZ. The conditions for its use have been already created and there is a high interest for the accomodation of such type in the middle of the pure nature.

The camping site is in a close vicinity  of Veľký Lél island. The island is part of the Protected Landscape Area and Special Protected Area Dunajské luhy. In the last 10 years the conservationists highly contributed to the significant improvement of the state of this rare area. By restoring Veľký Lél's river branch ,BROZ reconnected it to the main Danube stream, once again this area came to life with the inflowing water.

Regional Association for Nature Conservation and Sustainable Development has been managing the island for a long time and reconnecting the nature conservation with traditional grazing of domesticated animals and traditional managment of the land.

On flowering meadows you may see grazing herds of cows and harrases of horses. Each year a children's summer camp is organized as well as a traditiona horsel race – Horse Day, that will this year take place on Saturday 1st of July 2017.

With all such activities, the Veľkolélsky ostrov island serves for promotion of nature conservation of Danube region and so many tourists, summer camps and schools visit this area.

„Till the building of camping we hadn´t had enough infrastructure to accomodate so many visitors and offer them possibilities to spend the time in this precious area one or more-day to have closer contact with the river. By the ralisation of this project we managed to create such capacity and thanks to them we are now able to organize quality long-term stays and excursions in the area. For sure people need more time for perceptions that this place in the middle of Danube nature for sure offers“ Tomáš Kušík, chairman of BROZ.

To get to know more about the island, visitors can walk the educational trail with infopanels – the route is possible to walk by foot, go on boat or by bike. You may also do fishing or birdwatching here. There are several water animals, birds or you may go swimming in the Danube. Oaks aged 300-400 years are one of the main dominants of the island.

The event of campsite opening is part of the event Solstice on Danube, that is supported by Danube fund. All the events are connected with the river Danube and promote spending free time at the river.

Mobile contact: +421 948 104 665